Maharishi Ayurveda

Maharishi Ayurveda's expertise stems from its deepest understanding of Ayurvedic practices and their professional application towards making life holistic and better.Maharishi Ayurveda is into the manufacturing of Ayurvedic herbal products and Services related to holistic wellness.

Company Region: Delhi NCR, India
Industry: Pharma Industry
Product Implemented: Microsoft D365 Business Central

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Services into the wellness of:

  • Pain Management
  • Panchkarma
  • Skin & Hair Care
  • De-Toxification
  • Weight Management

Key Highlights of the company:

  • Present over 30 Countries
  • 50 Million trusted Customers
  • 25+ years legacy and learning
  • 800+ Researches in the field ofAyurveda


Client was using Tally Software earlier and there was not any centralized system to record the integrated data.
There used to be problem with tracking of Sales by Sales representative wise.
They used to have problems with production planning, production quantity, scrap management and machine load.
Previously, there were problems with data integration across all departments. They used to have trouble in reconciling their taxes and financials.
There used to be problems with monitoring safety stock levels earlier. They always wanted to increase the production level through previous systems, but there was no previous increase in their annual production. They had problems with the increase in sales and collections.


Finance and Accounts
Sales and Receivables
Purchases and Payables


They are now able to plan better production activities using Microsoft
D365 Business Central's Work Centers and Machine Centers functionality. They are now able to efficiently define the components of a product using the BOM functionality.
Now the management is able to gain insights of all business operations in a clear and timely manner.
With the help of Microsoft D365 Business Central, they are now able to supply items on time without any delay.
Now they are able to track finances effectively. In addition, the system has helped them to generate automated financial/Sales/Purchase/WHO related reports.
Now all data related to their statuary reports are published without any problem.
All sales are being tracked on the basis of various dimensions now.
Production cost has been reduced by 10% within the first month of Go-Live.

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