For more than 40 years, RAK Rock has been exploring, extracting, producing and delivering quality limestone materials to clients globally. RAK Rock has been at the heart of that development, providing modern society with the most solid of foundations to build upon. Whether it is the construction of homes, roads, hospitals, skyscrapers or schools, all have been created using materials supplied by us.


RAK Rock's service is based on years of experience and expertise, hard-earned qualities which they have coupled with innovation and modern technology to grow our capacity to the point where we are now delivering 22 million tons of material to the building industry every year.

Company Region: Abu Dhabi, UAE Industry: Packaging Industry
Product Implemented: Microsoft D365 Business Central


• Client was using Tally Software earlier and
there was not any centralized system to
record financial and inventory data.
• Reports were manual.
• There was no control on resource utilization
and material for testing and Manufacturing.
• There was no controlling on inventory and
procurement process Solutions.


• Sales & Receivable
• Purchase
• Inventory & Warehouse
• Assembly Order
• Finance & Accounting


• Management was able to get real time financial and inventory data.
• Based on the real time data, management was able to look upon
the factors to consider for new business plan.
• Risk of delay in project was reduced.
• Controlling on Project budget.

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